The Loveall Foundation Kilimanjaro Challenge:

Climbing for the Children
Sometimes in life we confront challenges that seem insurmountable, like climbing a 19,340-foot mountain or curing a devastating disease. But history tells us that even the most daunting challenges can be successfully met if you dedicate yourself and focus on your goal.

Beginning New Year’s Day 2010 we will ascend Mt. Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest peak. On January 6 we plan to stand on her summit. A half a century ago, a diagnosis of Leukemia was a death sentence, but thanks to the work of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, the five-year survival rate for people with leukemia has nearly quadrupled.

With your support we can climb the tallest mountains together and help relieve the suffering of kids. One hundred percent of your contributions to the Loveall Foundation Kilimanjaro Challenge will go to the Leukemia Society, earmarked to benefit children battling leukemia.

Anything can be accomplished with enough planning, perseverance and effort.

Thank you for accepting ‘The Challenge.’

Onward and upward!

In the midst of his chemo treatments, David Timko, of the Leukemia Society, took the time to congratulate us on our efforts and pledged his support for the Kilimanjaro Challenge.

Please click below to listen to a message from David Timko:

David, you will be in our thoughts with every step we take on this climb. You are an inspiration to those who know you.

8 Days on Mt Kilimanjaro

Thursday, January 14, 2010
Now that we’re on flat ground, we’ve had some time to reflect on our adventure.

When you set out to do something, you don’t always know what you’re going to learn and who you’ll learn it from.

On our climb up Mt. Kilimanjaro, we spent 8 days learning life lessons from a young Tanzanian porter named Victor who helped us climb to the summit and back.

Despite a pair of broken-down work boots with worn out shoelaces, mismatched, ragtag layers of worn out clothes, he had an incredibly dignified presence.

He was the first one up every day, the first one working every morning and the last one working every night. Despite the grueling nature of essentially being a beast of burden, he carried 50 additional pounds of weight in a backpack, which easily was one-third of his body weight, without the hint of a complaint. He had a perpetual smile on his face in spite of the outrageously demanding conditions.

We were struck by his humility. The only time he displayed any pride at all was to inspire us and give us the strength to go on.

Day 6 began at midnight at 15,000-feet. We prepared to push for the summit, starring at the 4,000-foot vertical challenge in front of us. Victor, who usually didn’t say much, said, “By sunrise, victory will be ours.”

Those few words, from him, at that time, left us with no doubt.

We began our final ascent with Victor and our guide, Fred, a charismatic and natural leader with a flawless plan to get us to the top. Victor and Fred, along with every one of our porters, proved to us once again that nothing can be accomplished without the workers.

These are the lessons we learned:
  1. Start early.
  2. Smile and stay positive.
  3. Encourage others.
  4. Carry your own weight and help others with theirs.
  5. Be deliberate.
  6. Be the example.
  7. Dignity is the balance of pride and humility.
  8. Pain is temporary; victory is forever.
The last thing Fred said to us as we left Tanzania was “I’ll never forget you guys.” Fred and Victor, if you’re reading this, rest assured, we will never forget you either.

As Victor repeatedly said to us, “We are all together.”

And that is the bottom line.

If you haven’t already done so, please make your donation online at and make sure you “Become a Fan” of the Loveall Foundation page on

Any and all support for this cause is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for accepting “The Challenge.” Onward and upward!

Greetings from the Summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010
The subject line of this email has been a year in the planning.

As this email is being written to our wonderful families, friends and supporters, WE ARE STANDING ON THE HIGHEST POINT IN AFRICA, 19,340 FEET HIGH TO BE EXACT.

It is the most magnificent view we have ever seen.

What is even more incredible, humbling and fills our hearts to overflowing, is the tremendous response to the call to help children battling leukemia. Even today, as we climbed several thousand feet in the darkness of the Tanzanian night, donations were still coming in.

Please click on this link to hear from us personally from the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro:

Details of this exhilarating experience to follow; now, we begin our descent down this awesome mountain.

If you haven’t already done so, please make your donation online at and make sure you “Become a Fan” of the Loveall Foundation page on

Any and all support for this cause is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for accepting “The Challenge.” Onward and upward!

Information From the Trail

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The Climbers
Jacques Loveall
Lee Schreiter
David Knoll David
Kilimanjaro Facts
  • The Loveall Foundation Kilimanjaro Challenge will last 8 days.
  • At 19,340 ft, Mt. Kilimanjaro, in Tanzania, is the tallest in Africa and the world’s highest free-standing mountain.
  • Kilimanjaro supports five ecozones: rainforest, heath, moorland, alpine desert and glaciers.
  • It is composed of 3 volcanoes: Kibo (19,340 ft), Mawenzi (16,896 ft), and Shira (13,000 ft).
  • From the summit, you see three countries: Tanzania, Kenya and Congo.
  • “kili” has inspired people around the world as a place of spiritual, and personal renewal.
  • The "Snows of Kilimanjaro" are melting so fast they could be gone within two decades. scientists blame global warming.
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